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  • 6 Solutions That Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

    A property is the reflection of its inhabitants. No matter how many people live in the house, there’s a little part of their personality and preference stamped onto the building or home décor. ... read more

    Saturday, 18th Aug 2018

  • 7 signs bathroom demolition is essential

    Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom, but you can’t figure out if you need to demolish the existing room first? Take a check for these seven signs, each of which will tell you that you need to ... read more

    Saturday, 30th Jun 2018

  • 6 Ideas for Storing Your Goods When Renovating

    Planning a home renovation? There are many hidden costs you must factor in when undergoing a renovation. One of those expenses or considerations is all your possessions. What are you going to do with ... read more

    Saturday, 25th Nov 2017

  • 5 Quick Repairs to Do Before You Sell Your Home

    You’ll be making a lot of checklists when you decide to sell your home. You need to find the perfect new place, decide what you’re taking with you, and donate the things you’ve been meaning to ... read more

    Monday, 08th May 2017

  • The No B.S. 2017 Property Market Outlook

    Here are the key factors influencing the market in 2017 without the B.S. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I had making it. China Chinese interest in Australian homes fell in the third quarter ... read more

    Saturday, 25th Feb 2017

  • 5 Secrets to Renovating Ugly Houses

    Ugly House Secret No: 1 You make money when you buy. One of the biggest mistakes ordinary folk make is not doing their homework BEFORE purchasing and embarking on a renovation. To understand how much ... read more

    Wednesday, 25th Jan 2017

  • See Your Off-The-Plan Property In Virtual Reality Now!

    Want to see your off-the-plan property before it’s built? You can! We aim to show you the most honest representation of your off-the-plan property with our first-class virtual reality service. ... read more

    Tuesday, 13th Dec 2016

  • Old Toongabbie Area Rental Market Update

    You need to stay competitive! The rental market is definitely still challenging in our marketplace at the moment. There is a large amount of properties for rent in the local vicinity and whilst we ... read more

    Tuesday, 29th Nov 2016

  • Toongabbie Area Rental Market Update

    The rental market this month has been similar to recent months no major changes,  just still inconsistent with some properties getting good turn outs at open homes and others not. Our team have ... read more

    Tuesday, 01st Nov 2016

  • The Toongabbie Area’s Past, Present and Future

    The Low Down On The Toongabbie Area (Executive Summary) Located in the Greater Western Sydney region roughly 30km from the CBD, Toongabbie is a thriving suburb with enormous potential. It’s ... read more

    Wednesday, 05th Oct 2016